[Lcdproc] Raspberry Pi support for Rev-2 & BL

paul_c paul_c at users.sourceforge.net
Tue Jan 1 23:59:28 UTC 2013

Attached is a patch against the current CVS tree to support the HD44780 
display on Rev-1 and Rev-2 boards. Pulled changes from a couple of 
sources and cleaned up a potential bug if the GPIO pin is "out of 

Newer boards (known as Revision 2) have a new gpio connector along with 
slight changes to the pin mappings - A simple runtime test selects the 
correct mapping and hopefully simplifies changes when new boards are 
released. It is possible that other boards using memory mapped IO could 
be supported by extending the test...

warhog's improved ARM test included - Cross compile test shows that 
  $host is sufficient (been a while since I last messed with autotools, 
  and have forgotten much).

Serac's backlight added and Rev-2 board support reworked.

Regards, Paul.

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