[Lcdproc] New Driver: picolcdgraph (Mini-box.com picoLCD 256x64 Sideshow)

Laurence Withers l at lwithers.me.uk
Sun Feb 26 20:33:35 UTC 2012


I've recently completed a driver for the picoLCD 256x64 Sideshow display
available from Mini-box.com:


This is actually a 256x64 graphical display. The driver uses a 6x8 font which
I derived from the t6963 driver to give a 42x8 character display. It also
supports very nice looking horizontal and vertical bars! A lot of the code
was derived by looking at the existing picolcd driver (which could not be
reused, as it is too different) and the lcd4linux driver for this display. I
have of course preserved copyright/license information in submission. A lot
of this work seems to come from Nicu Pavel who I have added to CC.

I originally developed my driver against v0.5.3 which is I know bad practice,
but it's what my company are currently using. The submitted patch below is
against CVS and I have verified operation of the driver with the CVS version.
That said, there are two post-0.5.3 changes which I think need to be
considered by me: the (possible) switch to libusb-1.0, and the consolidation
of the 5x8 font.

For now, I'd like any feedback on this driver, and perhaps if all is well it
could be added to CVS and the above issues addressed in the medium term.

Many thanks, and bye for now,
Laurence Withers, <l at lwithers.me.uk>               http://www.lwithers.me.uk/
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