[Lcdproc] HD44780 40x4 with Backlight and winamp wiring

Markus Dolze bsdfan at nurfuerspam.de
Thu Mar 26 20:08:47 UTC 2009

Markus Dolze wrote:
> Sascha wrote:
>> Yeah! :D It took a long time but my Backlight lights up. I had to 
>> make a new cable.
>> Thank you for all you help. I will now play around with the settings.
>> And thanks one more for your help :)
> Attached is the patch mentioned above. The important modification is 
> that the EN2 line is set if two displays are attached (as given by the 
> 'vSpan' option). This now works independent of the availability of the 
> backlight.
> Any comments?
> Markus


attached is an updated version of the backlight patch for hd44780-winamp.


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