[Lcdproc] imonlcd server driver with icon support

jk fblack947 at yahoo.com
Thu Mar 19 03:25:15 UTC 2009

Attached is the imonlcd driver v0.5.1 patch to use against lcdproc v0.5.2.  (gzip'd as the moderator of this list won't approve attachments+message > 120kb).
(Patch for CVS current in previous e-mail).
 > v0.5.1 uses the t6963_font (tweaking the colon by one pixel)
 > v0.4 uses Dean's font, which doesn't have many extended characters, but I like 
 > his progress bars better.  (:})
 > Similar progress bars could be attained by further modification of 
 > but that could annoy t6963 users.
 > The patch which can be applied to lcdproc v0.5.2 will follow in a separate 
 > e-mail.
 > Please test!
 > -Jonathan

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