[Lcdproc] Increasing the server's receive buffer

Markus Dolze bsdfan at nurfuerspam.de
Sat Feb 28 08:17:51 UTC 2009


if LCDd is used with large displays (40x4) it may happen that the 
server's receive buffer is too small and the client gets disconnected. 
The disconnect is triggered if the client sends 7K. This is likely to 
occur during initial creation of screens by the client if the client 
sets up several screens.

Our lcdproc client is sometimes struck by this if you use a 40x4 display 
and the 'L' screen in addition to the default lcdproc.conf. I wrote 
"sometimes" because it depends on how fast LCDd reads out the buffer. I 
was not able to reproduce this with the curses driver (server reads 
about 4K), but it happened everytime I use the hd44780-lcd2usb (server 
reads about 8K).

Updates of a single screen are < 1K most times.

I suggest on of these options:
1. Increase the server's receive buffer to 16K
2. Slow down the client's initial screen setup.

Any objections against 1?


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