[Lcdproc] HD44780 40x4 with Backlight and winamp wiring

Sascha sascha.zielinski at gmx.de
Fri Feb 27 17:23:12 UTC 2009

Am Freitag 27 Februar 2009 08:21:16 schrieben Sie:
> Sascha wrote:
> > Connect from host on socket 5
> > screenlist_switch: switched to screen [_server_screen]
> > sock_read_from_client: received 8020 bytes
> > error: huh? Too much data received... quiet down
> >
> > Regards Sascha
> OK, the server's receive buffer is too small to hold all the data sent
> by the client. But I am wondering why your clients sends 8K whereas my
> client send only about 6K with the same config file.
> The attached patch increases the receive buffer. Please patch and try
> again with reportlevel 5.
> I am interested in the commands the client actually send to compare them
> to the one my client sends.
> Markus

If attached the log with your patch.

Regards Sascha
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