[Lcdproc] MtxOrb hbars missing bottom row of pixels

Markus Dolze bsdfan at nurfuerspam.de
Thu Feb 26 07:05:58 UTC 2009

Benjamin Roberts wrote:
> I noticed this weekend that my Matrix Orbital LK202-USB display was
> only displaying seven vertical pixels of the last hbar cell in each
> bar, missing the bottom row. The cells to the left of the last one are
> fine because they are completely filled block characters, which makes
> the problem easy to notice on any hbar which consists of at least one
> completely filled cell and a partially filled final cell.
> The problematic code is in MtxOrb_hbar (this is also the code in CVS
> as of today):
>> for (i = 1; i <= p->cellwidth; i++) {
>>          // fill pixel columns from left to right.
>>          memset(hBar, 0xFF & ~((1 << (p->cellwidth - i)) - 1), sizeof(hBar)-1);
>>          MtxOrb_set_char(drvthis, i, hBar);
>> }
> I changed the last argument of the memset line from "sizeof(hBar)-1"
> to "sizeof(hBar)" and it solved the problem. However, due to a charset
> incompatibility I have modified my copy of lcdproc to use a custom
> icon for ICON_BLOCK_FILLED (an 8x5 of 1's, as defined by the normally
> commented out block_filled[] array in MtxOrb_icon) so it's possible my
> icon does not represent the character that's on normal LCD character
> sets. Do other people see this problem or is it just my BLOCK_FILLED
> character?
> Ben
Commited to CVS.


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