[Lcdproc] Changes to get EA-DOGM163 + four keys working with hd44780-lcd2usb driver

Malte Pöggel malte at maltepoeggel.de
Wed Feb 25 14:50:07 UTC 2009


> config_get_int() uses strtol() internally. So any numbers supported by 
> strtol() will work, so "0x10" will work.

very good, here are the changed sources :-)

> Indeed.   Very cool.  It looks like the lines are offset from each
> other by a pixel or so, or is that just the camera angle?  How do you
> pick different colors, from the factory, or do you have access to the
> backlight LEDs to install your own?

There is a little offset, that wont look very good for the bar graphics... 
But its okay..
The different display types and the different backlights are sold 
seperately, so every user can combine his favourite lcd glass + bl. There is 
also a RGB backlight available!
You may find some more information on the product page: 

> If those are prototypes, I'd be interested in securing a 3-line
> display later.  I write line-number support into all of my clients,
> but have never seen a 3-line display before.  That could be fun to
> play with for a METAR client or my xmms client.  Obviously one can
> pretend a 4x20 is 3x16, but it's good to see in the natural
> proportions.

The size of the PCB is very small - about 10 x 3,5 cm. I think it would fit 
perfectly into a 5 1/4 zoll slot.

> I look forward to hearing that this module is out of prototype.  It
> would make a good desk-side display in the right case.

If you are interested in building a display, you could download the layout 
files, etc on my homepage later.
I dont know if there would ever be kits available, but its no problem for me 
to make some small amounts of single sided PCBs at home.


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