[lcdproc] Wait 0.4.2 Release guys...

David Douthitt n9ubh@callsign.net
Fri, 21 Sep 2001 11:10:16 -0400

Glen Gray wrote:

> I'm using a patched 0.4.1 CVS version of LCDProc in a production system.
> The changes being talked about here are making it difficult for me to
> easily maintain my version.

I figured this was happening to somebody.  This is exactly why I've not
split my patches up into I'm sure others are in a similar situation.  So
far, my current patches are against 0.4.1; I'd like to mold them into
whatever is current development.

> Philip Pokorny is working on getting these patches and others into a
> 0.4.2 release at the moment. I think most of David's changes will be in
> there, namely the snprintf things etc. which I want badly.

> I don't think it's a good idea to just dump all these patches into CVS
> just yet David. Wait for feed back from Philip as to what he is working
> on, you might make his job a little too difficult otherwise.

I don't want to do that...

> Perhaps we should then look at doing a branch when 0.4.2 is out there.
> We'll use that release as the basis for 0.5 and rip it to pieces as we
> see fit.

I really want to start this massive ripping operation; when will there
be a 0.4.2 I can attack?

I HAVE been making some more changes, though not as massive as
previously.  Perhaps I should post them?  Or should I take an interim
release from Philip and modify my changes into it?  Or what?

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