[lcdproc] Multiple inputs and outputs and clients OH MY!

wwf@splatwerks.org wwf@splatwerks.org
Tue, 18 Sep 2001 18:54:26 -0600

--- joris@robijn.net wrote ---
> > One display per server. Make server configurable enough that it can be
> > run more than once without stepping on other instances of it.
> > 
> > Then if a user wants to run multiple displays, he runs one instance of
> > LCDproc per display. This means multiple config files (but that should
> > be pretty easy to cope with ...
> > --config=/etc/lcdproc/lcdd.bigdisp.conf).
> If the port is configurable in the config file: yes!

Yeah, that was the idea. Sorry, I should have mentioned that. Basically,
everything that makes an LCDd instance "unique" needs to be configurable
at run-time so it can run more than one instance.

> Hey, these might be some real v0.5 objectives.

I'm starting to wonder just how much of a rewrite this really needs; if we
just clean up problems in each bit and increment the version number
whenever we do it, I bet v0.5 will end up being very close to my original
"vision" of it anyway.

You folks seem to have quite a good grasp on what direction we should take
LCDproc in ... I'm not gonna argue :)

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