[lcdproc] New Server Patch

wwf@splatwerks.org wwf@splatwerks.org
Tue, 18 Sep 2001 00:41:01 -0600

--- ssrat@mailbag.com wrote ---
> wwf@splatwerks.org wrote:
> Um - quick question.  Are you the same as willfe@yahoo.com?


> > --- ssrat@mailbag.com wrote ---
> > We should probably invent some kind of tests (aside from "compile - run -
> > it looks okay") to make sure the changes we're making don't screw up older
> > clients.
> I was thinking of that.  I've started using lcdproc to do that, but I
> don't know.

Well, certainly LCDproc is the "standard" client for the server, but we're
sorta developing *it* along with the server, so it doesn't seem too much
like a fair regression test.

> > Thanks again for all your help!
> Glad to help.  Does this mean my code patches are being saved,
> installed, checked, tested, debugged, and folded into current
> development?

Slowly but surely, yes. I've been busy lately, but I've definitely been
following your efforts.

Do you have CVS access on Sourceforge? You're more than welcome to apply
these patches to CVS yourself. If not, grab a Sourceforge account if you
don't have one, get the username to me, and I'll add you as a developer.

Or if you'd prefer, I can just merge it myself.

I have no trouble whatsoever installing, checking, and testing the code,
but I'm not too good a coder so troubleshooting is not my strong suit (in
source -- my career dragged me kicking and screaming towards systems
administration instead of software development, so my C is very rusty :).

> Does that mean that there's more going on than the one message here per
> day would seem to indicate?

Yeah. It's been a bit slow lately, but there's other folks out there
working on clients and on new drivers/patches for the server. Note the
server security discussions of late.

> > Should we make another point release with these changes, or are more
> > coming? :)
> Got more already :)

Sweet! Keep it coming! I'm sure there's other users that appreciate the
work and improvements. Hopefully at least one will chime in so this list
doesn't seem so empty ;)

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