[lcdproc] New Driver: STV5730 Video Output

Robin Adams robin@adams-online.de
Tue, 11 Sep 2001 01:28:29 +0200

Not long ago when I was browsing the ST Microelectronics website I found 
this neat little
chip called STV5730 and asked myself if it would be possible...
Well, it is. I ordered some of these ICs, designed a PCB, soldered a 
little and here it is:
With the hardware you find there you can watch LCDproc on your TV, 
record your
CPU usage on VCR....
The STV5730 displays 28 columns and 11 rows of text. It features a 
colored full screen
mode and a translucent mixed mode so you can watch LCDproc on top of 
some other
video signal.

My SED1520 driver and the new STV5730 driver is up at

This patch also eliminates a bug in server/render.c which prevents 
screens from
changing if their duration value is lower then the number of display 
lines. The server
screen has a duration of 8, so displays with more than 8 lines won't 
work with the
current LCDproc. You can easily verify this with the textmode driver.

Again I would be happy if someone could confirm that my new driver 
compiles not
only on my machine and doesn't horribly break LCDproc.

Robin Adams

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