[lcdproc] keypresses

Joris Robijn joris@robijn.net
Wed, 28 Mar 2001 21:46:34 +0200

> Yes. Can somebody try to fix this deadlock, please .)

I will try to. I did not use the exact right words. It is not sharing-
regulation that the server should do, it is more reserving-regulation. 
A client should not reserve keys that other clients have reserved. It's 

I think we had agreement on the part of not multicasting keys. 
Optionally we can add something to do things like "the room-light 
example", where the light in the room could be turned on if _any_ key 
was pressed. This client then receives a copy of all keypresses.

Then the problem came up whether we needed the locking mechanism at 
all, because if you'ld choose to let the server share out keys (as 
defined in its config file section), they could never be used double. 
The locking was only needed if clients should request keys. These keys 
should in that case be defined in the client part of the config.

That's what this was about. Is it clear ? Did I forget something ?


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