[lcdproc] TCP or .so

James McCracken merlin_jim@hotmail.com
Wed, 28 Mar 2001 06:48:22 -0500

<html><DIV>&gt;Heh. Imagine running some small tool in X (GNOME/KDE/whatever) that lets </DIV>
<DIV></DIV>&gt;you admin LCDproc and pops up a window for each screen that LCDd is 
<DIV></DIV>&gt;hosting :) That'd be cool. 
<DIV>Speaking of which, I finally got word back from Robert Robijn.&nbsp; The GIF drivers are completely deceased.&nbsp; He told me how he did it, and I might be convinced to write them myself... quick show of hands, does anyone really want this?</DIV><br clear=all><hr>Get your FREE download of MSN Explorer at <a href="http://explorer.msn.com">http://explorer.msn.com</a><br></p></html>

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