[lcdproc] Re: Problems? with LCDproc and HD44780 16x4 Display

William W. Ferrell wwf@frontierdev.com
Tue, 27 Mar 2001 09:51:28 -0700

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--- stephan@ekhoff.de's mailer spewed these beefy chunks ---
> Hello,=20
> first of all: Great Work that you did !!!
> i have some problems with a HD44780 Display connected via parallelport
> to my AMDK6/500 running SUSE Linux 7.0.
> The LCDServer is very slow. The Heartbeatsymbol beats about every 5
> seconds only, so that i cant use it with the IRmp3-Player.=20
> Im running your actuall pre9 Version with an 16x4 Display. The LCDproc
> Server Message appears slowly too.=20
> Are there any solutions to speed up the LCD?

I'll forward this to the list to see if they've any suggestions. I can't
keep the HD44780 stuff straight in my head long enough to properly
answer this one :)

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