[lcdproc] Hashes and config file. ;-) (and dynamic load)

Joris Robijn joris@robijn.net
Tue, 27 Mar 2001 13:47:31 +0200

> >> value = get_parameter_int( "key", defaultvalue );
> >
> >Nice. Should this only available while the config is read or over the
> >complete lifetime of the server ?
> I guess over the complete lifetime of the driver,
> but most driver will only read this at init time. ;-)

Wo. Ehm we don't want a windoze registry at least :)
The config file has been read completely anyway, so why not keep the 
data ? And it's easy to add a write function later...

> >In the latter case we should use a hash to store config in the LCDd.
> I have been suggestion hash for that,
> then someone said we only need it the protocol,
> now you tell me we need it again for config file... ;-)

Yeah that's odd ! But let's wait with hashing or not hashing, because 
using a hashtable is an optimization. If all is implemenmted well, it 
can be added without any other code knowing it. But if we only have 10 
sections with 10 keys, using a hashtable would be like using a tractor 
in your backyard :)

> If it has to be re-read and that some config of some LCD is change
> (baud rate? size? ...) should we reset and reinitialise the driver?
> How do we detect changes, how do we tell the driver?

kill -HUP pid
Then it should reread config files, and tell drivers that the config 
has changed. Then they should decide what to do. Is that OK?

I don't know how we should tell the clients. We could do a EVENT 
TYPE=sighup or something.

> What do we do with current client?

No problem, they just don't do config yet.


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