[lcdproc] display connecting

Joris Robijn joris@robijn.net
Wed, 21 Mar 2001 14:18:02 +0100

Now that we're discussing the connection from LCDd to driver anyway, 
let me introduce an other idea. We could use the net-interface to bind 
displays and keypads (or a combination of these). This has the 
advantage that it can be done very dynamically.

If I don't have a keypad on my LCD, I can use a little program named 
'lcdkeys' for example to use any PC-keyboard as input. The program then 
connects to LCDd, says it is a keypad, and transmits the keypresses as 
I press the keys. When I press Q the program disconnects and ends.

If I want to make a GIF of your display, a program (say lcdtogif) 
connects to the net interface, and says it's a display with a flexible 
size that should display the same contents as the existing display. The 
new 'display-driver' will then get updated for the first time, and it 
can produce a picture of the display as I wanted. Then it disconnects.

I don't know if this communication would be usefull as the default 
driver-communication. It introduces even more separate programs, which 
is probably not desirable. But it might be a nice extension for later 
(v0.52 or so).


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