[lcdproc] Not on topic but useful : splitvt and curses driver

Bruno Kerouanton bruno@kerouanton.net
Wed, 21 Mar 2001 11:26:39 +0100

If like me you don't have all the time an access to your lcd screen, you
can use splitvt (http://www.devolution.com/~slouken/projects/splitvt) to
display the curses lcd driver at the top
of the terminal and have a shell at the bottom.

Here is my .splitvtrc file (to put in $HOME). Just run "splitvt" and it
will get its parameters from this file. Once it's started, the active
screen is not the shell so just hit <ctrl-W> to activate the bottom
screen. To quit splitvt, type "<ctrl-o> q" (or enter "exit" several

Hope this can save you time if you only have one screen to display
everything (ssh, telnet...).

Bruno Kerouanton.

---cut here---
	set switch_char		^T
	set switch_char		^W
	cd /usr/src/lcdproc
	run -lower		bash
	run -upper		LCDd -d curses -t 20x4
set command_char		^O
set quote_char			^V
set upper_lines			4
set login			on
---cut here---

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