[lcdproc] Graphic LCDs

Robin Adams robin@adams-online.de
Mon, 19 Mar 2001 20:29:52 +0100

Has anybody done some work towards a driver for graphic LCDs ?
I think it would be nice to have support for some of those
smaller LCDs like 122x32 (usually based on SED1520 Controllers)
or 128x64 (usually based on T6963C Controllers).
I also just completed my USB-LCD: An USB-interface for HD44780
based displays of arbitrary sizes with support for 12 keys or
switches. Really easy to use, just plug it in and it works.
But my driver is a real mess and I don't know how to handle
dynamic attachment/disconnect with LCDproc. :-( This is perhaps 
something to add for v0.5.
I have seen some requests for a driver for Gameboy LCDs on the
LCDproc homepage. Nice idea, but the schematic at 
http://www.devrs.com/gb/files/gameboy2.gif doesn't look that
promising. Gameboy LCDs don't even posses a controller someone
could programm :-(.
Robin Adams

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