[lcdproc] Converting 'G' command cpu load display

Ken Robertson ken@qgyen.net
Fri, 02 Mar 2001 17:32:27 -0800

Nigel Weeks wrote:

> Hi all.
> Is there any way of converting the 'G' option of lcdproc to use thin
> vertical lines instead of 5-pixel wide ones?
> I've had a look at the source, and I can't see where or how it's done.
> It'll be nice to have a statistical reading of load for a length of time.

No, it is most likely not possible.  I think (not 100% sure) that LCDproc
uses the MtxOrb's horizontal bar function, which takes up one whole
character digit (5x8 pixels).  This could be done with the custom
characters, but you can only assign like 7 or 8 of those.  There would not
be enough, plus LCDproc itself already uses most of them.  You are pretty
much out of luck.  You'd have to use a graphical LCD to get that kind of
functionality.  I don't know if LCDproc supports any.  Maybe the CrystalFonz
lcds, but not sure.


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