[lcdproc] more HD44780 questions

Tom Woods tom@tomwoods.co.uk
Wed, 27 Jun 2001 18:08:31 -0400

Ive finaly managed to get myself a HD44780 16x2 display..

Ive wired it up using the winamp connection (from robijn.net) (with the RW 
line grounded).

When i connect it to my machine, the bottom row of the screen is full of 
blocks (after i adjusted my contrast up). From reading the archives i gather 
this means that my LCD is alive and well...

my problem is that when i run the LCDd server/ lcdproc client, it doesnt seem 
to do anything. I used:
LCDd -t 16x2 -d HD44780 "-c winamp -p 0x378"

It runs without any errors, and sits there in the background. I get nothing 
more than the blocks on my screen though. running lcdproc after this also 
seems to do nothing (no errors though). What should i be seeing?

Can anyone tell me what i have done wrong or what should i be checking next?. 
My parallel port is definately on 378, and is currently set to 'normal' in my 
bios. Im running linux mandrake 8..


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