[lcdproc] Cursors on Matrix Orbital displays....

William W. Ferrell wwf@frontierdev.com
Wed, 13 Jun 2001 10:52:17 -0600

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--- glen@antefacto.com wrote ---
> Someone by that man a pint.
> The reason I want this added is to allow me to use the LCD panel as a
> way of entering in some IP info to my box at bootup. I have it all
> working but without a cursor it's a little confusing.
> On the flickering point, at first I thought it wouldn't matter, but on
> closer consideration I can see how that could happen. For some naive
> reason I presumed it would be the same as the backlight, i.e. controled
> in hardware.

Well, I think it *is* controlled in hardware. My point was that cursor's
going to be running his little butt off since we refresh the screen so
much. I'm still going to implement this, because quite honestly it's a
good thing to offer people more choices, even if one of those choices ends
up being "flickering-like-mad but still cool looking hardware cursor".

Who knows? It might not be so irritating after all; we certainly (when
things are configured right, that is :) can't see the LCD refreshing as it
is ... if the hardware cursor is implemented right (i.e. an internal timer
determining whether the blinker is on or off, that can't be manipulated by
software and is guaranteed to be consistent), it should actually kick some

> This might not be as needed as I thought. I might re-write the program
> to go direct to the com port that the LCD is connected. I need this to
> be as small as possible and including LCDProc might be too much over
> head.

LCDproc does definitely include overhead, but it also takes care of much
of the grunt work in dealing with the LCDs. Look at the parallel stuff, in
particular. I would *not* want to develop that myself, and I am still in
awe of the folks here who pulled that stuff off :)

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