[lcdproc] suggestions for keypad w/ lcdproc?

Wade Hampton whampton@staffnet.com
Tue, 05 Jun 2001 09:27:58 -0400

Joris Robijn wrote:
> > 1)  Anyone have a similar configuration?
> Yes, but without a latch. I have working code for 8x5 keys, for the
> 4bit connection. I am also working on all the other connection types
> and up to 11x5 keys.
Could I possibly get your pinout and your sample code?  It would
save me A LOT.
> > 2)  Anyone have code to do something similar
> >     (e.g., a thread to read the keys)?
> Have code. No thread.
Thread will be easy (background polling of the keypad).
> > 3)  Any interest in folding this back into lcdproc
> >     in the future?  My initial plan is to do this
> >     outside of lcdproc.
> Yes. If you should keep your code out, we can always see later if we
> can integrate some parts into lcdproc.
> > BTW, I am adding a bunch of documentation and making
> > a few cleanups to the hd44780 source files for lcdproc.
> Ah, watch out, I am doing the same thing :)
Lets coordinate.  Could you send me your changes?  I have mine
at home and could send this PM (I'm on EDT, UTC -4).
> > I also had some problems with using a LCD via the
> > 4-bit mode on 0.4.1.  The same hardware worked fine
> > on 0.4pre9.  As the 4-bit mode is very slow, I decided
> > to go 8-bit (hence complicating my keypad).
> Hmm that's queer, it worked perfectly for me. What OS are you using ?
RedHat 7.1 on a PIII/600 (Dell).
> If you want my files let me know (I still have not released them to the
> CVS).
Yep.  Lets coordinate.  I could give you my changes/updates and you
could fold them in, then put them in CVS if you like?

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