[lcdproc] lm_sesnsor & boot_message

David Glaude dglaude@netbrain.be
Fri, 6 Oct 2000 23:27:47 +0200

Well, for lm_sensor, someone need to write a LCDproc "client" to gather the
info and send it to.
The only problem I see is that you can have a lot of different information
from lm_sensor...
So not everybody would like to get the same information.
I think you need to work based on existing lm_sensor tools and "redirect"
the output. ;-)

As for boot, 
It is possible to tell the kernel to send boot message to a COM1: serial
It is possible to tell LILO to give control=input/output to COM1:.
But LCDproc is not running yet and we don't have a TCP/IP stack yet.
Also the not every LCD screen expect the same input.
Some, serial based might display something usefull without modification.

Now the other option is to display boot message AFTER the boot (like any log


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I would like to output infro from lm_sensor to LCDd or lcdproc.=20
Pleas help me.
Is it posible to output boot mesages to lcdproc?

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