[lcdproc] XML discussion

Matt madmatt@bits.bris.ac.uk
Tue, 29 Aug 2000 21:00:21 +0100 (BST)

William W. Ferrell wrote:

| * Matt (madmatt@bits.bris.ac.uk)'s mailer blew these chunks:
| > 
| > I think you can make an i2c adapter for the parallel port, and then attach
| > devices that way. I think there's a driver for such a thing in the kernel
| > somewhere, possibly in the Video4Linux area, although I have no idea what
| > the pin-outs might be.
| > 
| > Does Matrix Orbital have any install instructions for sticking the
| > display onto an i2c bus?
| Yeah, there's some instructions in the manual (and on their site in the
| online manual) about how to attach to an i2c bus. Unfortunately they
| don't go into too much detail how to hook the thing up to a PC using i2c
| :)

I've just had a quick flick through my MtxOrb manual, Harald, you were
right, 4 pins, I forgot the two power lines... :)

| > I suppose it shouldn't really matter how the display is hooked up, as it
| > should just use standard i2c system calls no matter if it's on the
| > parallel port or tacked onto a DIMM...we can write the support easily if
| > we're sure how it all works.
| This sounds good.

It could be built into the serial Matrix Orbital driver, or it could be
implemented as a separate one. Depends really, both versions support the
same "tricks" as each other, but do you want i2c support if you're just
using the serial, and vice versa? I think the pro-embedded chaps can
answer this one...

We'd probably be supporting this one blindly, unless someone on the list
has managed this yet? William, I think you've got slightly more closer
ties with MtxOrb, (seems as they've sent you those freebies :), can you
pester them for any help???

| Incidentally, don't they make ISA/PCI cards for i2c? Or am I thinking
| I2O? *shrug*

The i2c bus is "on" some cards so to speak. TV cards are the most common
AFAIK. I'm not sure if you can buy a card to add support <shrug>. I've
seen these I2O drivers in the kernel, but I have no idea whatsoever what
they are, and I'm fairly sure I haven't got any in my machines.


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