[lcdproc] SNMP

David Glaude dglaude@netbrain.be
Fri, 25 Aug 2000 12:15:48 +0200

Sorry if I jump into a discuttion,
I am back from vacation so I have not been able to:
 * Read all mail from the list (quite active now).
 * Find the first mail about SNMP.

But here is something I can thing of.

Dont put SNMP in the LCDd.
But you could make a Client that will pool device using SNMP
and translate/make graph/display and send that to LCDd.

Graphics like the one produced by MRTG could be nice on the LCD screen.
Like it will show you the Input/Ouput usage of your internet connection.

Now, if your linux is the router... I don't know about statistic of the
routing kernel code. 


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> SNMP would be a great client, to say the least. Hell, if LCDproc itself
> could make stuff available over SNMP it'd be rather useful too.
> I don't understand SMTP enough yet to know if it's something we should
> consider adding to LCDd or not.

The stats that are gathered by the clients can be sent via SNMP without 
using LCDproc. The only thing that I see LCDproc doing via SNMP is:

a) status messages on the LCDproc server (up, down, number of clients...)
b) use SNMP as input but this will open a box full of problems;
  i) SNMP is insecure (correct me if I'm wrong, but I'm yet to see an
     implementation that does encrypt it's community string and data.
  ii) Way too much work.

I suggest forgetting about SNMP in LCDproc, a shell script can collect data 
with snmpwalk and pass it on for displaying and some shell tool can keep 
tabs on the LCDproc server and make this available via SNMP if the user 
wants to know if the server is up or down...


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