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William W. Ferrell wwf@frontierdev.com
Thu, 24 Aug 2000 13:54:37 -0600

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* Mooneer Salem (mooneer@earthlink.net)'s mailer blew these chunks:
> Binary is also another possibility (for the protocol not the config file)
> but it's even more error-prone. Should we write our own parser that will fit
> our needs?

I'm starting to lean that direction, yes. As for protocol, it will be
binary going across the wire, but whether that's just because it's
encrypted with SSL or whatever or because we ordain things must be
binary instead of human readable is still up in the air.

A human-readable format is MUCH easier to debug. A binary format *could*
be smaller, faster, less network intensive, etc.

However, encrypting and compressing a human-readable format produces
(hopefully) a smaller binary representation of said data to send across
the wire, with the pleasant side effect of not being cleartext :)

Ideas, folks?

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