[lcdproc] LCDproc v0.5 development, here we go folks :)

Matt madmatt@bits.bris.ac.uk
Thu, 24 Aug 2000 19:09:33 +0100 (BST)

William W. Ferrell wrote:

| Anybody who's developing for an embedded system can surely handle
| cross-compiling and such :)

Yeah, I choose to cross-compile for my Sun, 40MHz takes waaaayyy too long!

| SNMP would be a great client, to say the least. Hell, if LCDproc itself
| could make stuff available over SNMP it'd be rather useful too.
| I don't understand SMTP enough yet to know if it's something we should
| consider adding to LCDd or not.

Yeah, I'm not entirely sure myself. Whether it gets integrated into LCDd
or not, I don't think it's too important atm, until someone really
understands it. For the time being, I'll write the client for the
JetDirect in Perl and use the Net::SNMP module to do the all the SNMP
stuff. I think it would probably get integrated into the lcdproc client
bundle to display stats from an SNMP device of our choice...

| Not really ... unless I misunderstand what you mean by minor change of
| state:
| Client sends to server:
| <update>
|    <screen name="security"/>
|       <priority value="1"/>
|       <widget name="status">DOS in progress!</widget>
|       <widget name="detail">08/24/00 09:16:55 SYN attack flood</widget>
|    </screen>
| </update>

OK, I'm pro-XML! That seems simple enough...


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