[lcdproc] LCDproc v0.5 development, here we go folks :)

William W. Ferrell wwf@frontierdev.com
Thu, 24 Aug 2000 09:10:22 -0600

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* Eric Z. Ayers (eric@compgen.com)'s mailer blew these chunks:
> William W. Ferrell writes:
> ...
>  > Oh, I *REALLY* like this. An XML-based protocol.
>  >=20
>  > This would actually make sense, I think. The only thing missing here is
>  > interaction with the server. These widgets get defined initially, but
>  > then how doth the server request and receive updates? Something like
>  > this, perhaps?:


> yup.
> That's another reason why you might want to use XML.  You don't really
> want to spend time writing the parser yourself.  There are free
> libraries  out there to do that, that you could just include in the
> source distribution for lcdproc  (I'm thinking gnome libxml for 'C'.)

I'm digging into that now.

> XML parser are very persnickity.  It is POSSIBLE to edit a file by
> hand, but one screwup and the parser isn't very forgiving.  There is
> none of this lazy tag with no closing tag that HTML allows (I wouldn't
> say HTML is wrong, it's just not as strict)

So do you think it's worth making the end-user config file XML then? Or
will people have trouble with it?

>  > <lcdproc>
>  >    <server>
>  >       port =3D 54
>  >       max clients =3D 10
>  > Am I going in the wrong direction with this, or does the above seem
>  > feasible?
> It's feasable, but I think you'd just want to use the XML parser stuff
> and not sub-parse the stuff inside.  I've been down this road before
> with the DENTS project.

Okay, so (merging in another comment a bit ago about XML simple tags):

      <port value=3D"54"/>
      <max_clients value=3D"10"/>


Would that be better/easier to parse?

>  > ...  I must say I like this XML idea. Too
>  > bad it'll probally add a good chunk of time to the development
>  > cycle :)
> Only if you write your own parser, (which doesn't sound like a good
> way to spend time)

If libxml is portable enough, we can just use that. End o' problem :)
Start of others (namely, using the parser properly ;), but that's okay.

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