[lcdproc] LCDproc v0.5 development, here we go folks :)

Jon dissy@netset.com
Thu, 24 Aug 2000 10:00:31 -0400 (EDT)

> Am I right in assuming that in XML, tags *MUST* have a matching close
> tag? I suppose we don't actually have to use tags for absolutely every
> piece either, unless there's a good reason to do it. I.e. a rewrite of
> the above config file:


tags in real XML work as such

Pairs that group data
the tag itself is plain to open, and begins with a / to close

  <tag> data </tag>

Single flag tags that Dont have closing tags end with a /


HTML is wrong on the method it uses no slash tags to be both open and
single tags.. if there is no / on a tag, its an open tag and DOES need a
closing tag.

only tags ending with / are single tags that DONT have closing tags

anything with data outside of the tag should use open/close tags
however single tags can pass data within

<a name='something'> value here </a>


<c/ value='something'>

this way the parsing is alot easier, and you dont need to know what the
tags are (ignore unknown tags)

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