[lcdproc] LCDproc survey

Mindaugas Idzelis mai3116@ritvax.isc.rit.edu
Mon, 14 Aug 2000 10:34:39 -0400

To help developers gain a better understanding of what you, the
community want from this excellent piece of software I'm asking you to
fill out a survey. Really think about these questions, as I, for one,
will be listening to what everyone has to say. At the end of this week,
i'll make a web page and post the results along with your comments.

LCDproc Survey======================
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1. Prioritize the following design criteria from lowest to highest

CPU usage
Disk usage
Mem usage
Embeddability (can be used in embedded system)
Backwards compatibility

2. Comment on these Feature requests... what priority we should give it,
strike it, add more?

Arbitrary sized displays
Virtual displays (think virtual desktops)
Java clients
Inetd support
Non-socket support (unix sockets?)
Multi-threaded vs. Single Threaded
        Pros: Simpler to program to understand and maintain
        Cons: CPU usage starts going up higher and higher after 20+
    thread pool, (where there are a maximum amount of threads specified
but they all distribute the client load among them)
        Pros: Best way to scale the program
        Cons: much harder to understand than just thread-per-client or
    Pros in general:
        easier to program, understand
    Cons in general:
        needs pthreads... but most posix systems support it (*bsd,
linux, windows)
Dynamic driver loading
Named pipe support, programs can send commands to /dev/lcd
Client API
(add your own)

3. What clients do you use right now?

4. What hardware do you use with lcdproc right now?

5. What do you really really really want done in the next release that
is just annoying the crap outta ya?

6. Are you interested in helping with the development of clients or
lcdproc itself?

7. Other comments?

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