[lcdproc] HD44780 and pre9 -- bring out your mods

Andrew McMeikan andrew.mcmeikan@mitswa.com.au
Thu, 25 Nov 1999 14:34:07 +0800

Thanks Ben,
     Could anyone who is using a hd44780 display (including any emulating
VFD's) that does NOT work with either the standard version or my newer one,
please contact me off list and I will incorporate your wirring into the

Please either show me a link to what you have done or describe what signals
are on what pins.

If you are still using the old code you may want to grab the (significantly)
faster newer version.

Also let me know if you are using any keypads off the parallel port and I
will try to support as many of them as well.

    cya,    Andrew...

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> On Tue, Nov 23, 1999 at 08:42:10AM -0500, EXT Jon wrote:
> > possibly in the next distrib, Both drivers should be included in the
> > distro (assuming andrews has given permission ofcourse)
> >
> > renaming them hd44780-4 and hd44780-8  possibly, for the different bus
> > sizes possibly.
> >
> > just a suggestion :}
> Actually .... ;-)
> All the hd44780 drivers should be in the same file. Someone (Andrew ?
> :-) needs to merge the 4-bit code with the 8-bit code.  Maintenance of
> the code needs to be foremost on your minds for some important
> reasons:
> - The functionality is the same for both files and they share enough
> common code. Why have two copies of the code that does the same thing ?
> - Two files necessitates modifications in two places and testing in
> two places. e.g., if the interface to the rest of lcdproc changes. In
> effect, new features only need to be added once.
> - Adding support for additional hd44780 configurations should be
> easier to do in the same file.
> I'm sure that Andrew has already made provisions for all of this
> anyway ... A little effort now will save countless hours for someone
> maintaining the code.
> BTW, good work Andrew !
> Just my 0.02c worth,
> Ben
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