[lcdproc] New HD44780 driver

Michel J. Vos irridium@wxs.nl
Fri, 12 Nov 1999 16:14:47 +0000

I tried the new code for the hd44780 displays, but it doesn't work (for
me) . Only strange jumping characters are being displayed (also with the
one that you compiled for me, Andrew).
I'm using a DataVision 20x4 display on a Pentium133, with Redhat6.
Does anyone know what might be wrong?

Michel J. Vos
E-mail: irridium@wxs.nl / M.J.Vos@bioledu.rug.nl
System powered by: RedHat (GNU) Linux 6.0
Kernel version: 2.2.5-15
CPU: AMD-K6-2 3DNow!  Tel: 06-20889882

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