[lcdproc] lcdemu

David Glaude dglaude@comtech.be
Wed, 26 May 1999 14:50:53 +0200

Just a few comment on this new piece of code running arround LCDproc...
Ok, so as far as I can see, this is a Matrix Orbital LCD screen
emulator. ;-)

Now how does it work.. (as far as I can see by reading the code)
[Be carefull it is ascii art down there]

lcdproc (or other client) that really monitor things and display them...
  |   accross the network, TCP connection (maybe local)
LCDd -+-> lcdemu -+-> Zut! -+-> Xwindow Server
      |           |         +- Did not check but local or
      |           |            remote display should be possible
      |           +- lcdemu just send in stdin of Zut wich handel
      |              Xwindow display difficult task.
      +- ussing named pipe (fifo) "/dev/lcd" 
         this name is in the code of lcdemu

Well, this make the hell a lot of process (but we are running Linux).
Now the emulator does not seems to emulate everything (just what is
There is an other option for lcdproc (and I think some of you are
working on this)...
It is to create a Xwindow "driver" (unrelated to Matric Orbital) that
will be
 included into LCDd and implement the same function.

Now what can I say about possible improvement:
 * Make "/dev/lcd" a parameter.
 * Implement contrast by changing the color in use (like for backlite).
 * Make the lcd screen size a parameter (Matrix Orbital has various
 * Implement some missing feature (to be fully Matrix Orbital alike).
 * Implement Big Number (this one could be in 0.4pre6 !!!).
 * Transform lcdemu into a build in driver (still ussing "Zut" I don't
know how).

Other than that, it is just a GREAT JOB.


PS: An other piece of code that would be just great (but nobody will
need that) is to really
    emulate a Matrix Orbital LCD screen... I mean reading from a serial
port and display that
    on screen (on Xwindow, SVGAlib or other). Of course we can do that
in the Background,
    an run some other software simultaniously.
    Now this mean you need TWO PC. ;-) Or you can connect to yourself
with a Null modem cable
    from COM1 to COM2. :-))))

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> Hi,
> I would like to announce the first running version of lcdemu.
> I have implemented all functions you need to run lcdproc, but 
> nothing else.
> So check it out. 
> You can get it from:
>    http://www.bingo-ev.de/~pe1724/lcdemu.html
> So see you there.
> I wait for your reply.
> Bye
>    Piotr Esden-Tempski.

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