[lcdproc] LCD Hell...

Ken Robertson ken@cybexdesign.com
Mon, 08 Jun 1998 20:22:27 -0700

After much waiting (1 day shy of 3 weeks) for my order to come in from
Linux Central, my LCD and Redhat 5.1 finally come in today.

The good news is the redhat installed perfectly fine.  The bad news is that
my much awaited for LCD is not sharing the same happiness.  I got the power
all setup, and got my serial cable female to male cable.  The problem is
that it won't work!  No bios info or nothing.  Additionally, my fear is
that I may have unitentionally shorted it out without knowing at all.

It did nothing when I turned on the computer, no spark, or anything, so I
am not sure.  But I released I was holding the LCD unit with one finger on
the top side where there are like 16 or so pins connecting the two boards.
My fear is that I shorted it, but I am not sure.  I haven't messed with my
configuration, since I don't understand the slave address thing.  Could I
have an io conflict?  And yes, my serial port is set to com1 8N1 (3f8/irq4).

Any help would be much loved!  I don't want to hear I shorted my LCD after
much waiting (well, still tell me if I did so I know).

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